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Creative Work by Diana Mighdoll Hoffmaster


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The Day You Painted The Stars

An exploration of processing grief on a

sub-conscious level. Choreographed by Diana Hoffmaster and performed with

Masha Maddux.

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement!

The Witch of Wellington

Currently in development, a whimsical work reflective of a childhood experience with a witch in the suburbs.


D’Vorah Dance Arts is devoted to creating dance works that shift perspectives inspired by the depths of our human experience.

To provide a creative platform that encourages imagination, exploration, and the possibility to dive deep into your soul as the main choreographic tool.


As a choreographer, I am inspired by the marriage of movement and sonic vibrations. Exploring the relationship between our bodies and sound - tuning into vibrations as a guide to go deeper and express inner stories. I am interested in creating movement that is born from a complete organic process that leads the body through fluid movement juxtaposed with dynamic pauses. I explore the lines, patterns, and direction that can be felt when you let the body flow and ride its natural path.

I develop these experiences into something tangible that can be seen, shared, and felt.


"Life is the dancer and you are the dance."

~ Eckhart Tolle


I have a vision of bringing together creative collaborators to develop unique and profound visual experiences that encourage a shift in perspective through dance and movement.


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